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Mewsoft Software Online Auto Installer

Welcome to Mewsoft online auto installer and upgrade system.

The required information for installation

1)- FTP domain name or IP:

This is the ftp address of the domain where the software will be installed. Either use domain name or IP address, for example is the ftp address and 234.453.213.32 is the IP number. Please note this ftp address or IP number must be registered in mewsoft valid customers database. This domain ftp address or IP must be known and supplied from the hosting company of the domain.

2)- FTP login:

The login or username of the ftp address or IP. This must be known and supplied from the hosting company of the domain.

3)- FTP password:

The password of the ftp address or IP password. This also must be known and supplied from the hosting company of the domain.

4)- Perl Path:

This must be set to the correct location of perl on your server. This must be known and supplied from the hosting company. Select perl path from the drop down menu if it is in the list or just enter the correct path in the text both for non listed. You may also download our server test script and install it on your server to get all the required information inclduing perl path , cgi directory, document (non cgi) directory, IP address, location of sendmail program, and installed perl modules and other information.

Download Server Test file. Demo

5)- The FTP Path to HTML Directory:

This is server path to the html directory where the software will be installed as seen by your server FTP. If you do not know exactly use the Domain Information below to get your server ftp directories. You can also use any ftp program (like ws_ftp, cuteftp) to connect to your server and change directory to the cgi directory, then copy the directory path from the ftp program window. Example /home/usr123/public_html/app or /home/usr123/httpdocs/app.
The installer will create automatically the top directory in your path, "app" in this example.

Domain FTP Utility

Use this FTP utility to login to your server and browse or create directories. This will display your server root ftp directory as well as any directory you change. Your server login information will not be saved on our server for security. This tool does not need a software license number.

FTP domain name or IP:
FTP login:
FTP password:

6)- Software license number:

The software product license number must be supplied from Mewsoft. This license number is a unique number for each customer. If you have purchased a product and you did not have your license number for that product please contact mewsoft sales to get it. The license number is a 12 digit number with dashes like 3213-5432-2132, please use the whole number with the dashes.

7)- Software to install:

Please select the licensed product you have purchased only to install. Please do not try to abuse the server by trying to install non licensed software.

Please note that this is a full fresh new installation and will overwrite all your previous installation and will destroy your template customization and your language files also will be restored to the default, so be careful if you have already done any customization.

Installation Information
Please enter your server correct FTP information for installation purposes only. For customers security we do not keep any information on our server about your login. All fields are required.
FTP domain name or IP:
FTP login:
FTP password:
FTP port: default 21
Perl Path: Other:
Installation Folder Full FTP Directory Path:
This is the website ftp root directory to the html folder
and the sub folder where the product will be installed.
For example if your site root ftp folder is:
and you want to install the product under the folder app
then this path should be:


The URL to these examples will be:
Software license number:
Software to install:

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