The Listawy is a full email list tools suite. All you need to manage your email lists in just one nice easy program. Some features below.  
Email extractor

The extractor will extract emails from any text or html files and some other formats and will automatically remove duplicates emails.

The extractor also can spider web pages online and then extract the emails from these  pages and will also extract the URLs from these pages.

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Email List Filter

The filter will clean any email list files from specific emails based on any search term or email or domain. The filter also will be used to edit lists and replace any part of each email in the email lists based on specific search term with any text and move parts of lists to other lists.


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Email List Merger

The merger will merge any number of files to a single file.


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Email List Remover

The remover will remove any unsubscribe email list from any email list and in general will remove any list from another list.


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Email List Splitter

The splitter will split any big email list file in to any number of smaller email lists files. You can choose the files size based on the number of emails per file or set the number of files to split to.


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Email List Deduplicator

The deduplicator will remove all duplicates emails from any email list.


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