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NetPartners Main Features

NetPartners Software Features
Main Features Summary
How it works?
How partners will join your network?
Admin & Partners Features


Main Features Summary
  • DBM Database Driven.
  • Full clicks log & statistics.
  • Multi level tracking.
  • Multi Lingual.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Plug and Play.
  • Easy Online  Administration.
  • Fully Automated.



 For a long time we have been thinking about something new for advertising to minimize our costs and save some money. We used to spend 40-60% of our total income on advertising in different types and locations. Until we got the idea of our partners software. Why this product is different from any other advertising media?. We answer this question by saying that, we have collected all the features of all the different advertising tools used today on the internet. The partners software includes the features of banners rotators, banners exchange, links exchange, links, search engine, affiliates and more.

How it works?

 Very easy to understand and use how this partners system works. Now you have just purchased the software and installed it on your server after you done little customization to the templates to match your site look and feel, that is all you have to build your own traffic builder network.

 Now the visitor to your site will never forget it and will always come back to it, not only this but their visitors also will come to your site and same will never forget it and their visitors also will come to your site and will never forget it and so on endless loop.

 How these visitors will come and never forget your site and also their visitors?. The answer is very easy, the visitors coming to your site will see that you have a partners network where they can post  their site with details and banners or images or icons and also they will have access to a partners account to allow them at any time to check the clicks you sent to them and its complete log and also they will check the clicks they sent to you with complete click log details. Now you did not charge them any money and they also did not claim you for any money, so it is totally free and this is one of the best features that will encourage everyone to join your partners network since they will not loose anything.

 Think about if your daily traffic is only 250 visitors. How will the partners software increase your little traffic to a huge daily traffic you will not achieve with spending thousands of dollars everyday as we did.

 Assume that only 20 partners have joined your partners network, also assume only that each of your partners has only fewer hundreds of daily traffic say 500 visitors. We will not say that all their visitors will be interested in your site, say only 50% of them. Now you have 20 partners x 500 visitors x 50% = 10,000 visitor daily. You see now of course the big increase in your traffic from only 250 to 10,000 visitors daily. How much these would cost you daily to drive such traffic to your site.

 If you think a little bit bigger than your site is just started with 250 visitors daily, say you have now 1000 visitors daily and you have 100 partners only joined your network and each one of them have the same average traffic as you, say 1000 visitors daily. Let us see how much traffic you will get if only 50% of their visitors were interested in your site, 100 partners x 1000 visitors daily x 50% = 50,000 visitors daily!.

How partners will join your network?
  • Your visitors will sign up for new account by  submitting their web sites information.

  • You as the network administrator have two options:
    1)-Allow all the new partners to be added directly to the database and activated automatically, or
    2)- Approve all the new submissions after you verify the site submitted and the contact information on the form.
    In both cases an email with the details of your decision will be sent to the submitter.

  • If you accepted the submission then the program will email the submitter with a link and a unique ID number to put on their web site pages in exchange to their listing on your partners network.

  • Based on your agreement you may allow the new partners few days to put your web site  link on their web site pages. If you check their site within few days and did not find your link their just remove the partner listing from your network.

  • All accepted partners will have a User ID and Password for an account to login to the partners network to check their statistics and view the complete click log information.

  • Based on how much traffic you get from each partner, their listing on your partners pages will be sorted. The more you get from the partners the higher they will be ranked and positioned.

See how easy, smooth, free, profitable traffic builder system!.

Admin & Partners Features
  • Automatically accept new submissions or manually after review and edit.

  • Adjusting the time between visitor clicks to validate clicks by IP and cookies.

  • The User IP is logged on the server and the user Browser is logged by cookie.

  • Review, add, delete, or contact the new submissions.

  • Edit, view, delete, check click statistics or view full log for each partner.

  • Add new partners from the admin center directly.

  • Export partners emails to ascii text file.

  • Export all the database to text files.

  • Send bulk email to all the partners in Text or HTML format.

  • HTML Template based very customizable to any look with online editor.

  • All program text in one language file to edit or translate to any other language.

  • Set the click multiplication factor for clicks sent to and received from partners.

  • Set the target web site which will receive all the clicks from partners.

  • Set the number of listings per page when displaying the partners.

  • Set the number of listings per page when the admin reviewing partners.

  • Set the click log per page when checking click log for admin and partners.

  • Set the default image or banner width in pixels.

  • Set the default image or banner height in pixels.

  • Set the image or banner width and height in pixels for each partner.

  • Send all the outgoing emails in Text or HTML.

  • Partners can login any time to check their full click statistics and complete click log.


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