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The class <!--Title--> may be used in the emails subject.
The following classes may be used in the emails body message.
ID: <!--ID-->
Category: <!--Category-->
Title: <!--Title-->
Description: <!--Description-->
Keywords: <!--Keywords-->
User_ID: <!--User_ID-->
Password: <!--Password-->
Language: <!--Language-->
Location: <!--Location-->
Email: <!--Email-->
FName: <!--FName-->
LName: <!--LName-->
Company: <!--Company-->
Job_Title: <!--Job_Title-->
Street: <!--Street-->
City: <!--City-->
State: <!--State-->
Zip: <!--Zip-->
Country: <!--Country-->
Phone: <!--Phone-->
Fax: <!--Fax-->
Website: <!--Website-->
URL1: <!--URL1-->
URL2: <!--URL2-->
URL_Image: <!--URL_Image-->
URL_Icon: <!--URL_Icon-->
Extra1 to Extra20: <!--Extra1--> to <!--Extra20-->

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