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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 08-18-13 08:38 AM
Feeder Module Installation

The Feeder module ( for Auctionawy and Classifiedawy is a single perl module that requires the installation of Auctionawy 10.00 or Classifiedawy 10.00.

1)-To install the Freeder module, simply upload the file in ASCII mode using your FTP program to your cgi-bin/auction or cgi-bin/classified directory or where you installed your product cgi files directory with the rest of the other product cgi files.

2)-Go to your admin center, click on Setup Wizard, then click the link Create SQL Tables, this process will add three new SQL tables:

AuctionAffiliateAccounts, AuctionAffiliate, AuctionAffiliateStats for Auctionawy

ClassifiedAffiliateAccounts,ClassifiedAffiliate, ClassifiedAffiliateStats for Classifiedawy

Ignore any error messags about other tables that already created or exists.

After installation, go to your admin center, under "Extensions Manager" you will find the links to all the Feeders supported enabled.

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