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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 08-23-13 07:30 PM
RSS Auto Generator Extension Module Installation

The RSS Auto Generator Extension module consists of two files AutoRss.cgi and only. Make sure you have the latest version installed, or at least update these files from the latest version online:

Then upload the module files AutoRss.cgi and  in ascii mode to the same directory with the other cgi files.

Change permissions for the file AutoRss.cgi to executable 755 on Unix systems and make it executable by all  on windows systems.

Please note, there is a separate module for each product and no one will work on the other.

If all goes well, start your admin center, click on the link Extensions Manager in your main menu, the link  RSS Auto Generator Manager will be activated, set the various settings and setup cron times and password to start the automation process.


Thank you

Mewsoft Support