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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 01-25-19 02:56 PM
Embeded Perl code in templates and widgets

Embeded Perl Code API

Begaining with Auctionawy 2012 version 15.00 a new API integration tools implemended.

The new version API includes Widgets, Gadgets, Embeded Perl code, new templates tags, new template parsing etc.

Embeding Perl code inside html templates and widgets

Imagine now you can write Perl code direct inside the html templates (views) and widgets.

The embeded Perl code will run within the application context so you have direct access to all

the application database connection, all global variables and functions, access to your entire server

allowed resources, you embed Perl code as you write any Perl script and the Embeded Perl parser

will run this perl code snippet and will capture its output and insert it in the place holder specified by the code.

Embeded Perl code is inserted inside templates and widgets in this format:

Code: HTML
# your perl code goes here

To skip a block, put ! in front of it like that !
Code: HTML

Gadgets Output
All gadgets output must be printed to the stdout with the regular print function. This output will

be captured by displayed at the same location in the templates.

Do Not Return values from the gadgets as these values will be ignored, to display anything you

have to print it to the stdout.

Since your embeded code will run in the application context then all the application functions and

modules can be called and used.

Simple Example


A simple example for embeded Perl code, say you want to display a message with the current logged in username,

Here is the code that you use inside the templates or widgets:


if ($Global{UserID} ne "") {
  print "Hello " . $Global{UserID};


else {

  print "welcome guest, please signin or register now";



Now the output will be displayed in the same place and all this perl code will be removed from the output html code.

You can write any code short or long simple or complex the embeded parser will grap anything between the

Code: HTML
[perl::] and [::perl]


If your Perl code has any errors the program will not exist and will display the error messge received

for you to debug and fix your code.

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