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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 06-28-16 02:18 AM
Auctionawy 16.93 Update

Hello all,

This minor update for Auctionawy.

*)-Tab Key featuer added to all Editor in the admin so you can use the tab key while editing instead of moving the foucs to  another element.

*)-Total Page Views plugin added to the home page or any other page, you can show the total page visits to your site

just insert the plugin [ plugin :: TotalView ] to any template, see the code in the Frontpage.html Template.

*)-Html spaces & n b s p ; and html entities like & copy ; and & reg; now showing normal in editors in the admin

and the language instead or rendering so you can edit and view where are spaces etc.

*)-Fixed issue with the regular insertion fees not showing up in the last upgrade.

*)-Fxed issue with the register/edit profile pages for selection of the DOB date 1/1/1901.

Please update these code files


Of course you can use the LiveUpdate tool in your auction admin center to download, extract

the latest version and do "Code Update" only.

Customers subscribed to our Premium upgrade service, we will upgrade their sites manually immediately.

Thank you

Mewsoft Support