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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 06-29-16 02:30 PM
Auctionawy 16.94, Arabic & RTL Ready Theme Upgrade


This upgrade added new css files to support directly Arabic and RTL without much work.

*) - Added page loader ajax spinner to all pages, the loader animated image will be displayed automatically

until the page is loaded completely then will auto hide, this is good if the user connection is slow or user computer

is slow in rendering the html in general.

*) - Added new css file stylertl.css which has css code to overwrite direction and float for RTL.

*) - Added new css file styleover.css which is loaded after all JS libs files so you can overwrite any
     UI style inside this css file easily, we have moved some css code which was used in many templates.

*) - added new language variables in the file General for the select drop down lists for translations.

*) - Fixed banner zones not showing in the banner manager.

How to upgade

The best way is to use the LiveUpdate tool in the admin center, download, extract, then do

"Code Update" , "Differential Update", and Update Langauge Files only.

To Manually Upgrade

*)-/theme/default/images you will find some loader*.gif files, upload them to your server.



*)-update widget: Head, Header or copy the changes

*)-language file General has these new variables

ui_select_option=Select an Option
ui_select_keyword=Enter keywords
ui_select_checkall=Check All
ui_select_uncheckall=Uncheck All
ui_select_selected= # of # Selected

Most templates has some optimizations for RTL and the multiselect menu, up to you if you want these changes.

Customers subscribed to our Premium upgrade service, we will upgrade their sites manually immediately.

 Thank you

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