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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 08-07-16 08:59 AM
Auctionawy FastCGI Enabled 5 to 15 Times Faster Version 17.00 Released

Dear everyone,

Today we are very glad to anounce the release of Auctionawy version 17.00 upgrade release.

This version is FastCGI enabled which is 5-15 times faster with the Auctionawy FastCGI module.

Details about this on our forum here:

What is FastCGI Module
  or FastCGI Enabled

FastCGI Check Scripts


Auctionawy FastCGI module is available to order with or without our installation service from our order page:

Auctionawy FastCGI Module + Installation $225


Auctionawy FastCGI Module $199


What Is The Auction FastCGI Module

The Fast Common Gateway Interface (FastCGI) is an enhancement to the existing CGI (Common Gateway Interface).
This feature allows the software to run as a server. The goal of Fast CGI feature is to load the program once, and iterate
in a loop for every request. Instead of creating a new process for each request, FastCGI feature uses persistent processes
to handle a series of requests. Each individual FastCGI process can handle many requests over its lifetime, thereby avoiding
the overhead of per-request process creation and termination. To use this feature, your server must have FastCGI modules
installed. For Apache servers, this is done by installing apache module mod_fcgid and Perl Module FCGI.

This feature makes the software faster by a factor of 5 to 15 times depending on each page actions.

How The FastCGI Works Exactlly

When a user requests a page for the first time, say the home page or any other page of the software, the server creates

a process and runs the software normal at the normal speed then sends the response to the user browser. After that,
the server does not exit the process or finishes the program, it keeps the program running as a process in the background.

Now when a user requests any page again or the same page, the server does not need to create a process and reload
the program again, it has the program already running in a process and waiting for a request to serve, the server just
send the request to the process running in memory and serves the request on the fly. This process is repeated for all
subsequent requests.

If the server does not receive requests for pre set time period, it ends the process in memory to save resources,
these are server settings.

To check if your server has FCGI modules installed click here or email us your FTP information and we will test it for you.


For Customers subscribed to our Premium upgrade service, we installed FastCGI server
test scripts on your domain, you can view the test by visiting the link:

replace yourdomain by your actual domain name.


Thank You

Mewsoft Support