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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 08-17-16 11:38 AM
Webawy Preview. The Web Application MVC Framework

Hello all,

This is the first preview for our new application Webawy.

Webawy is an application framework MVC (Model View Control) and will be the core for all our web applications.

It is modular design, with SEO short url's and uses routers supports both cgi and fcgi protocols.

We have redesigned most of our applications to work with the Webawy framework as modules.

We also used database tables for everything even logs to avoid any text files and to gain speed with modern database

server and new high performance hardware.

Please check the admin demo of "Webawy" at:

No specific date set for the final release but we are working 24 hours on this project.

Please let us know your feedback, suggestions, opinions, feature requests, etc, you may email us direct.

Thank you

Mewsoft Support