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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 12-13-16 08:02 AM
Classifieds Migration Tool To Webawy & Auctionawy


We have just released a tool script to migrate your users from Classfieds software to the latest Auction/Webawy version.

You can download the tool from this link:

This script will migrate only the users of your Classifieds to the Auction/Webawy.

How To Do The Users Migration From The Classifieds To Auction/Webawy

*) - If you want to avoid all risks and headache we can do it for $100 as custom work only.

*) - Go to your classifieds admin center, click on the "Database & SQL Manager" then

      click on "Backup SQL Database Into Text Files" to backup all your database tables

      to text files in the folder data/database in your classifieds installation folder.

*) - Copy the users database file from classifieds classified/data/database/ to your

      Auction/Webay folder normally /app/database/

*) - Download the users database base /app/database/ to your computer

      and open it with notepad or similar text file editor then just use the save as to save

      the file in UTF-8 format. This step is important to make all international users information

      readable and working since Webawy/Auction fully uses UTF-8 in all its data.

*)- Upload the users file you just saved in UTF-8 again to your auction /app/database/

*)- download the converter script from our site:

   unzip it and upload the file ConvertClassifiedUsersTable.cgi to your webawy/auction

   base installation folder normally /app/ConvertClassifiedUsersTable.cgi

*) -  Change permissions to 755 for the converter file using your FTP software or cPanel.

*) - Call the converter script from your browser as following:

    and wait until it finishes based on the number of users you have.

*) - The final step is to go to the auction/webawy admin, click on the Live Update module,

       click on the "Update" tab then click on "Upgrade Scripts", select the file

       and run it by clicking the button "Run Upgrade Script".

       this step is very important because it set the default setting and permissions for all users.

*) - If the Upgrade script did not finish normal and showed any error, this is due to

     the long time need to process all users information.

     The solution in this case is to run this script from the command line from your telnet shell

     as following:

    %perl ConvertClassifiedUsersTable.cgi --defaults defaults

    and wait until it finishes.

Thank you

Mewsoft Support