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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 02-17-17 09:34 AM
Webawy 2013 Released. Blog/Content Management Module Released.


Webawy 2013 Released Today. Added Blog/Content Management/Article Manager module.

The new version also has new design and layout for the top area.

The new version also upgraded the Javascript framework jquery to the latest versions.

The new module is free with Webawy for all current Webawy users.

The new Blog/CMS module supports many features:

*)-unlimited nested blog/cms categories

*)-unlimited pages/posts/articles

*)-unlimited users comments per article/page

*)-management of the users comments.

How to upgrade

*)-Backup your entier site from your site hosting control panel.

*)-go to your admin click on the LiveUpdate, then download, clean, extract the latest version

*)-do "Code Update" from the Live Update.

*)-do "Differential Update"from the Live Update.

*)-do "Configuration Update" from the Live Update.

*)-do "Configuration Update" from the Live Update.

*)-do "Language Update" click on the "Update All" button.

*)- go to the Database module click on "Manage Database Tables"

*)-select all table that start with content_* then delete them.

*)-go to the Configuration module, click on "Setup", then click on "Create SQL Database Tables"

You will find the new module "Content" added to your modules in your admin center.

Since the JS frame work jquery upgraded to the latest version and we redesigned the top navigation and top area,

you need to update the javascript code in the top_nav widget and in the stores templates. any template you get issues

with the JS just upgrade the JS code in that template, you can copy the JS code from the templates in our demo.

Customers with premimum services subscription we will upgrade their sites manually.


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