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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 05-20-19 06:41 AM
Webawy 2015 Upgrade Version 21.1 More UTF8 Unicode Support


This upgrade supports more unicode letters for some languages besides the general utf8 support

which already exists in the software.

If you are expecting to have content that includes characters in German, Russian, Bulgarian,

Belarusian, Macedonian, Serbian, Ukrainian, etc., the new upgrade will support matching and sorting,

collation for those languages.

The default current SQL database collation was utf8_general_ci, the new upgrade uses collation utf8_unicode_ci.

The new upgade also support utf8 everywhere, all software input and output now in utf8 well formed.

How to apply this upgrade


1)-Backup your entire site and databases to your local computer. This step is very important

2)-Make sure you did installed or upgrade Version 2015 (Version 21.00) First DO NOT UPGRADE TO THIS VERSION NOW.

3)-Download the file attached to this topic and unzip it, it contains the file upgrade-2015-backup.cgi.

4)-Upload this file upgrade-2015-backup.cgi in ASCII mode to your installation folder app/web

5)-Change this file permissions to 755.

6)-Call this file from browser only Once like this:

     and wait until the file is finished, do not close the browser before the file is finished.

7)-The above steps will backup all your database files in the old format.

8)-Upgrade to the latest version 21.1.

9)-From your admin->Database, Restore all your database tables by click the link:

     Restore Database From The Text Files Backup

     this will restore your database in the new supported format.

10)-From your admin->Database,click the link "Database Commander".

11)-Enter this text exactly in the Database Commander page:

        ALTER TABLE %%table%% CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci

     and wait until the process finish, do not close the browser, it make take long time based

     on your database size.

12)-Your are done.

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