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mewsoft First Post Posted on: 02-10-20 03:29 PM
How to Show Categories Icons

To display categories icons, you need to pass the param Icons=1 in the gadget code in the templates or widgets that have the call to the category gadget, for example:

[ gadget::CategoriesVertMenu(Parent=0, Levels=0, id="categories-menu", class="nav nav-pills nav-stacked", Icons=0,

Count="<span class="badge pull-right">%s</span>", ShowZeroCount=0)::]

To show icons set :

Icons=1 in the code above.

To hide icons set:


To show custom icons or category specific icons, you need to set this in the admin center, click "Edit" on the category you want, then

set the "Icon File" to the image icon you want then upload this image itself to the theme/Default/images folder or to the

theme/YourThemeName/images folder.

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