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maverick First Post Posted on: 02-25-09 06:04 AM
Feature Requests

1. On the files's header comment lines should contain versioning numbers. currently, there is no versioning on the files. You dont even have chance to track which files are changed. For example, I looked at new version I see that even changed files, such as program file, has version as 6.00 and date as 2001-2004.\ \ A suggestion: every file has correct and up-to-date version number as the release number, such as 8.9. If it's not changed in 8.9 then it should have the last changed version number. \ \ 2. Ability to show any information class on any new (or current) template or custom page.
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 02-25-09 02:55 PM
Re: Feature Requests

You know your current program version from admin->About, this tells you the current version and last buid date for files. Anyway always updating all the cgi files will not harm unless we released an upgrade script.

As for your other suggestion, this is not practical, you have general classes that can be used on any template even custom templates like the navigation classes and banners and headers and footers and also you can create your own unlimited general classes, all classes created by you are general. Private classes are classes that generated specific to some pages like classes that display on the view item pages, these classes are parsed using the item data so it is impossible to be used on other templates as it is useless, same for all private classes, also if we parse all private classes on all templates will slow down the program execution for nothing. I do not think you need classes on any page more than the navigation and help classes and banners. Also banner remember you can use on any page without classes or any other website, see the banner docs.


Mewsoft Support

maverick Reply #: 2 Posted on: 02-27-09 10:01 AM
Re: Feature Requests

I know the latest version already as i download it. What I'm talking about is that, for example, in a file there is line:\ \ table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="01" cellpadding="3"\ \ cellspacing cannot take value as 01 it must be either 0 or 1. I changed it to "1". This is only one example that I found quickly. Because there are some other files in the same situation, it means much more work to scan for just learning which files are changed _manually_ and one by one. \ \ If you can include explicit file version numbers we can look at the third line to determine if the file changed or not. This makes easy for you, too.