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buinhut First Post Posted on: 05-10-11 04:26 AM
New Comer Needs Help

Hello Everyone!\ \ Need help alot!\ \ 1-Can I turn off "Time left" for some special listing so visitors can't see it? ( The idea is for businesses those list on directory category)\ \ 2-Can I reduce the width of the left side columm?\ \ I know they might be silly questions but since I'm new and not a\ programmer so I need help alot!\ \ Thank you\ James Bui
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 05-10-11 02:02 PM
Re: New Comer Needs Help

1) No, All ads will display the time left or expiration date.

Of course if you have some experiance with javascript you can do it.

2)-This is easy job, it is html editing, go to your admin, click on Template editor, select the file FrontPage.html, search for the code like this:

Code: HTML
</p><p>&lt;td width=&quot;170&quot; align=&quot;center&quot;valign=&quot;top&quot;  bgcolor=&quot;#BEE4AD&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;table border=&quot;0&quot; width=&quot;100%&quot; cellspacing=&quot;0&quot; cellpadding=&quot;1&quot;&gt;<br />&lt;!----------------------------------------------&gt;<br />  &lt;tr&gt;&lt;td bgcolor=&quot;#86B467&quot;&gt;&lt;img src=&quot;&lt;!--CLASS::Images_URL--&gt;/dot1x1.gif&quot; border=&quot;0&quot; width=&quot;170&quot; height=&quot;3&quot;&gt;&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;<br />   &lt;tr&gt;&lt;td bgcolor=&quot;#BEE4AD&quot; align=&quot;center&quot; width=&quot;170&quot;&gt;&lt;!--CLASS::LocationMenu--&gt;&lt;/td&gt;&lt;/tr&gt;<br /> 

and change the value for the width="170" to anything you want

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