butch First Post Posted on: 06-02-11 04:40 AM

The image that i'm makeing in microsoft image composer dose not look like yours what is the spec. on yours ?
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 06-02-11 05:27 AM
Re: watermark

A note to remember that, the watermark image that you use will not look the same on all images. The reason is, when the GD merges (copies) your watermark image with the upload images, it says it will try to add the colors needed for displaying the water mark image, if the upload image color table if full, it will try to find the nearest closest color, normally it will do the last, meaning it will find the closest colors to the watermark images, that's why your water mark image may look like the original 100% on some images and may be looks like imbosed on some other or looks with different colors or absent colors.

Some people may create their watermark image in grayscale only or black and white, that's what may be gurrenteed 85% in all images, I'd recommend you create a transparent GIF file, create you watermark with the minmum number of colors say 16 colors image, do not use shads of colors, just use the original basic colors.

Anyway, you should try until you get satisfied with your stamp.

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