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kelvinc129 First Post Posted on: 06-02-11 05:06 AM
Language Manager

Hi,\ \ I am trasnlating my software to Chinese. After I completed the invoice template, I tried to save it, but the attached error msg comes up. \ \ Last night, I was trying to save the General/Home template after translation, but this msg came up also. So, I couldn't save my works. This morning, I did the General/Home template again, and I could save it without this error msg. \ \ Do you have any idea where the problem is? \ \ Thanks
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 06-02-11 05:33 AM
Re: Language Manager

On most servers you have to create the language with the name in english, for example create the language ands call it "chinese" letters in english not in chinese. Normally your server may not be able to read firectories created with none english letters.

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