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caesar First Post Posted on: 04-19-12 05:28 PM
Integrating auctions and classifieds

Hello Mewsoft,\ \ Is it possible to install an icon in auctions and classifieds that would include what any seller's other items are available in both venues? In other words, if a buyer clicks on see sellers other items, it should combine the database from auctions and classifieds for the viewer!! Or! we could have an option button in all auctions that says "browse my classified section for more available items at buy now prices" and open the seller's classifieds page..\ \ Please provide me with an estimate to have this option built.\ \ Thanks,\ Ernest Miner.
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 04-20-12 06:16 AM
Re: Integrating auctions and classifieds

I answered your email. This job only yes can be done for around $300.

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