butch First Post Posted on: 05-28-12 06:39 AM
Boardway Program

What will it cost to fixs this program to work like your other programs?? \ \ I would think your other affiliates using your programs would pay some thing to fix it too. And take it off your free list off programs; its almost as good as your buy programs !!!!\ \ The images are on the site but will not show in the slide show.\ Win I edit a post and click on preview it comes back to the same page. Cannot see the preview!! Also can't delete Photos or files, goes back to new post then to an error page. \ \ \ Thank You
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 06-01-12 04:43 AM
Re: Boardway Program

The forum software is the same grade as all our products yes however we developed it as GPL software. No plans to make take change the license to none free, however we have a license type on our order page for $99 you get a license to remove the powered by message from your pages.

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