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chadw_genx First Post Posted on: 10-12-12 07:02 AM
Template Integration & Programming Additions


I would like an estimate on the following for auctionawy + boardawy:  I need a html template created (I all ready have a .PSD and several images etc.) and implemented throughout the site, both the front end and the back end (admin side).  I need to be able to reach everything that is necessary to administer from one main admin page, it doesn't matter if it contains links to go to another page as long as there is one central page.  I'm not sure if these two products support this or not all ready, but I am going to need an avatar available for every seller/board user and have it easily accessible from the front end.  I'm also going to need a simple user-submittable poll system and the ability to have capped auctions (in which there is no final value fee - not sure if that's an option all ready or not) and another special category of auctions that get similar benefits.  I also have some Flash games all ready designed and made that need to be integrated into the site as discounts to customer's when they win at a game etc.  I also need a revolving joke line on the main index page which would draw different jokes from the database and have this administrable from the admin page.  Basically it all needs to be administrable from the main page.  There might be a couple of things I'm forgetting.  All the major stuff was listed though.  Let me know - thanks big grin

mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 10-12-12 07:52 AM
Re: Template Integration & Programming Additions

You need a web designer not a programmer, you can search the web for web designers or post your project at sites like

Mewsoft Support

chadw_genx Reply #: 2 Posted on: 10-12-12 09:01 AM
How about just the programming changes?

How about doing just the programming end of the work that I mentioned above?  There is definitely some programming work involved and the last person that I had do some site maintenance work for me on scriptlance, screwed up my whole site.  I'm not really that familiar with Perl, so I need help on this.  If you're willing to do these programming changes, I am willing to help also in any way I can.  I'm a good programmer, but I barely know the syntax of Perl.  I'd do it all myself, but it needs to be done soon and with the level of work that I need done, it just can't be self-taught in a short time frame.  I await your consideration and all the work you provide on the site can be available to everyone else - I'm not looking for exclusive features, etc.

chadw_genx Reply #: 3 Posted on: 10-12-12 11:31 AM
Ahh well, NVM

Nevermind,\ \ I've found a Perl developer who's willing to work with me and get the customizations I need. big grin