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blkcloud First Post Posted on: 04-21-10 07:37 AM
Problem With New Install

Hi Mewsoft, I'm having problem accessing my Admin.\ \ For some reason I'm no longer able to access admin and was getting "AN INTERNEL ERROR MESSAGE" referring to "ERROR 404" also.\ \ And now I would get a blank white page when I call up the admin page.\ \ Could you please help us out with this?\ \ Thanks
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 04-21-10 07:42 AM
Re: Problem With New Install

Follow the installation steps:

You need to set files permissions etc.

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blkcloud Reply #: 2 Posted on: 04-21-10 08:22 AM
Re: Problem With New Install

Chomd R 755 every single file except image files.\ \ I can access the homepage - but no access to the admin. The page still comes up blank.\ \ I was able to access admin straight after installation, and not all the files had the permissions then.
blkcloud Reply #: 3 Posted on: 04-21-10 08:50 AM
Re: Problem With New Install

Checked my servers error log and this is the message that's attached with it:\ \ "Premature end of script headers: /home/blkcloud/public_html/cgi-bin/auction/admin.cgi"\ \ How do I fix that?
raider Reply #: 4 Posted on: 04-21-10 09:44 AM
Re: Problem With New Install

Hi Blk,
\ What did you upload the files with? It sounds like they have been uploaded in the wrong mode.
Do not use any kind of FTP manager from within your hosts Cpanel
This will break the scripts.

Use a proper FTP program such as CuteFTP etc and insure they are uploaded in Ascii mode.
As you are on a new server do not use any of the *.pm files from the Data Directory as they will refer to your settings on your old server
Anyways I would start by re-uploading all scripts and reset permissions - MUST be ASCII mode.

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blkcloud Reply #: 5 Posted on: 04-21-10 11:24 AM
Re: Problem With New Install

Hi Raider,\ \ The new install was done by Mewsoft after I switched to Hostgator.Com\ \ I've just performed another new install using the software on this site. \ \ I now have access to the admin but the script won't call up any of the new pages I created with links in the CLASS EDITOR'S Bottom_Navigation page.\ \ I followed your previous instructions carefully - all the files have the proper permissions, but this time it won't work for me\ \ Thanks
blkcloud Reply #: 6 Posted on: 04-22-10 03:52 AM
Re: Problem With New Install

MEWSOFT COULD YOU PLEASE TAKE A LOOK & AT LEAST TELL US WHERE WE'RE GOING WRONG???\ \ We managed to fix the "Premature end of script headers:..." error by simply uploading a new "ADMIN.CGI" page TO Mewsoft's original installation.\ \ But still we're unable to create pages that could be called up with links in the "Bottom_Navigation" page.\ \ The links are there but you can't call the page up.\ \ We've "chmod -R 755" all files except the image files and still nothing!!!!!
mewsoft Reply #: 7 Posted on: 04-22-10 05:19 AM
Re: Problem With New Install

There is no magic with installation of any of our products, and actually installing any Perl scripts.

1)-Use an FTP program to upload cgi-bin/auction directory to your server (All files in ascii mode)

2)-Use the ftp program to set permissions to 755 for all files under /cgi-bin/auction

3)-Call the script from your browser, if you get an error, then you need to check the perl location on your server and edit only the files *.cgi with notepad program, put only the first line to pointto perl location on your server.


Mewsoft Support