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blkcloud First Post Posted on: 05-01-10 06:17 AM
Is This Possible???

Can some one tell me if it’s possible to do this and how?\ \ Is it possible to have 2 deferent “Sell Pages” operating from this script, on the same database?\ \ I want to keep the current Sell page and have another, which for argument sake would be used only by people wishing to sell TV. This is because I’d like to add forms specific to TV sellers only to it.\ \ Preferably though, I’d like to add additional forms to the Sell page which will be greyed out unless a user, by selecting a tickbox “Selling TV”, would activate and fill in.\ \ I have scoured the script for detailed instructions on how to do this - and sure enough I’ve come across difficulties many others have had trying to use the Custom Field Manager, but trying to learn the process that way alone is daunting, at best confusing.\ \ Please if any one out there is able to help, or have a chronological way of doing this please put it up on the forum. I’m sure it would be very helpful to many others.\ \ Thanks
amateur Reply #: 1 Posted on: 05-01-10 07:56 AM
Use the customer fields manager

I might be able to help you on this one.\ The way you can do it is to have two different versions of your sell page. A general one that will apply to all categories and a TV one which consists of the general + some extra TV fields that can be filled out. You should do the following:\ a) Create a category called "TV"\ b) Create a new format under customs fields manager called TV - copy it from General\ c) Create the extra fields you want to be displayed when some body is trying to sell a TV under the format TV. (Copy them from the general fields format, where all types of fields are displayed)\ d) Link the TV Format to the category TV - go to category manager and choose edit for the TV category and under Customs fields choose TV as format.\ \ When choosing the category TV on the Sell page you should now be able to see the extra fields.\ \ Hope this helps you out
blkcloud Reply #: 2 Posted on: 05-02-10 06:24 AM
Re: Is This Possible???

Hi Amateur – thanks for that quick reply and instructions.\ \ I followed it the best I could but soon run into difficulties.\ \ Just to confirm, I needed to create a copy each of my current Sell templates and .pm pages and called them TV.html and\ \ My problem starts with instruction (c) because I don’t seem to have a feature on my Custom Field Manager to create new fields, only to create Formats. \ \ The copy feature is only available to me through Custom Fields>TV>Ad2 which I had renamed Hitachi. I was then able to rename other fields the same way to perform the remainder of the task.\ \ Unfortunately however, the newly created fields do not show in my Sell page, even after selecting the TV category, neither am I able to call up the new TV template page I had copied.
amateur Reply #: 3 Posted on: 05-02-10 12:29 PM
It is possible

Hi again,\ \ I will try to be a bit more detailed in my instructions. You do not need to copy your Sell page at all. You should still only have one sell page. (but the sell page displayed will wary according to the category you choose). I know it sounds confusing and it was also what confused me before I figured it out.\ \ a) Go into Category manager. At the bottom of the page under "Create new categories" create a new category called "TV"\ b)Now go into the "Custom fields manager" and under "create new format" write TV and copy from General. At the top of the page select the format "TV" and language "English".\ The complete list of example fields should now be displayed. You can now choose which fields you want to rename - make sure they are Actice or they will not be displayed. The status you can change under edit.\ c)NAke sure you link the Category "TV" to the Format "TV". If you only allow auctions to be submitted to sub categories you should set the field just below "Customer field format" to "Apply format to subcateories (level 1)\ \ Hope this helps you out. If not write back.
blkcloud Reply #: 4 Posted on: 05-02-10 04:30 PM
Re: Is This Possible???

Thanks very much Amateur, I've got it working just fine.\ \ Your second set of instructions made the difference.\ \ Cheers