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gary First Post Posted on: 09-27-12 04:48 PM
Keywords not on submission form

Hello,\ \ I have been testing out my site fully since I did a fresh install with the latest version of the script. \ \ I only have one issue that needs to be corrected. On the submission form there is no box to add keywords for the submission. I have been to the submission form setup form and I do have the box checked for "keywords" but it is the only box that does not show up on the form.\ \ Any advice??
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 09-27-12 05:19 PM
Re: Keywords not on submission form

Insert the Keyword class which is by default disabled by "XX" in it like this:

Code: HTML
&lt;!--Keywords_Form<strong><font color="#cc0000">XX</font></strong>--&gt;

Remove the XX from the above and it will show it. or if it des not exit in the addurl template just insert:

Code: HTML


Mewsoft Support

gary Reply #: 2 Posted on: 09-27-12 05:45 PM
Re: Keywords not on submission form

THANKS! Works now!