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brianm First Post Posted on: 09-30-12 11:13 PM
Upgrade and Module Order

Ahmed,\ \ I cannot get through to your and am not sure how to order this on your shopping cart page.\ \ I would like to order the upgrade installation for searchawy, leaving the templates the way they are, and the snapshot module installation as well.\ \ Can you tell me how to order on your shopping cart page?\ \ Thank you.
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 09-30-12 11:23 PM
Re: Upgrade and Module Order

I do not know what's your problem sending emails to us, it may be your firewall or email system. Anyway, the modules you can order from our order page:

As for our custom work for doing the upgrade ourself, you can order 2 hour custom work ($100) and we will do upgrade to the latest version includes the support for the Snapshot Manager (BUT not including the Snapshot Manager Software which is $79 you can order separately).

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