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brianm First Post Posted on: 09-30-12 05:37 PM
I tried emailing support

I tried to email you the following questions, but twice they were returned. I would like to know:\ \ Can you tell me if I am within my one year of purchase for free \ upgrade to latest searchawy?\ \ Do I need the latest upgrade to install the searchawy reviews module? And is it this module that allows for screenshots?\ \ My site is:\ \ Thank you.
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 09-30-12 07:27 PM
Re: I tried emailing support

Your last upgrade date was on 06/04/2006 so you still have a valid license until 06/04/2007 and you can download the latestv Versions ad use it. See our announcements forums for versios released since your version and apply upgrades. It is very recommended always as we say that you apply upgrades as soon as they are released. The latest version only which support the Snapshots which is available for you to download.

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