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wiswis First Post Posted on: 06-22-13 09:49 AM
submit URL only to subcategories not to main or root

Hi,\ I want the user to submit URL only to the subcategories not to the main or root categories.\ So, from the category manager when I click on Edit to untick the "accept submissions" option to let the user submit their URL only to the subcategories, but it doesn't work and the system still accept new submission within the main or the root categories.\ Could you tell me please how to fix that, or how it does work?
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 06-22-13 04:09 PM
Re: submit URL only to subcategories not to main or root

You are correct, fixed and released an update for it:

Thank you again

Mewsoft Support

wiswis Reply #: 2 Posted on: 06-23-13 01:33 AM
still the No Accept subcategories

I did update the three files that you mentioned:\\\\ but still the root categories accepting new URLs although they marked NO "unteck". I think after filling the "Add site" form by the user then click submit, the page should turn to an error to tell them they are not allowed to place a site in this root category ... etc. \ if the problem still ON, I have to send an e-mail "manually" for each new submission within the root categories, or place a Note to tell users not to submit URLs to this root category and so on.... \ what do you think ..
mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 06-23-13 07:02 AM
Re: submit URL only to subcategories not to main or root

If the category accept is disabled:

Accept Submissions?:

is unchecked, when the user fills the add site form, click the submit button, the program will return to the add site form filled with the user data and displaying error at the top that you can customize the messageto tell the user whatever you want.

May be you downloaded the zip file before it was been updated, try again but I tested the files are ok.

Mewsoft Support