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wiswis First Post Posted on: 06-01-14 08:17 AM
Language drop down menu

Hi, The language drop down menu does not work, it is actually linked to the Home Page: .../cgi-bin/dir/dir.cgi which is the default English, I think it should linked to this: .../cgi-bin/dir/dir.cgi?Lang=English but Arabic, ... so if I type: .../cgi-bin/dir/dir.cgi?Lang=Arabic (an Arabic word at the end) I can see the Arabic site... How can I fix that ? Thanks
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 06-01-14 05:49 PM
Re: Language drop down menu

Actually you should post your problem not saying does not work and should be what, anyway the language

menu is a complete form which gets submitted when you change the selected language menu item, what you

are saying means you deleted the rest of the form. See or restore the LanguageMenu Class in your

admin->Class editor.

Mewsoft Support

wiswis Reply #: 2 Posted on: 06-02-14 01:37 AM
Re: Language drop down menu

I never touched or deleted the LanguageMenu Class in the admin->Class editor, the code still as is..

You can test that your self and see the "demo" Arabic page, ONLY if you type the word "Arabic" at the end: .../cgi-bin/dir/dir.cgi?Lang=English

The language menu (drop down menu) is on the web site, but When choosing different language, it goes back to the Home page only (the default English)

is there something need to be fixed?


mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 06-02-14 12:00 PM
Re: Language drop down menu

I checked your website and the language switched to Arabic and I viewed your Arabic category translation and

switched to the english from the drop down language, so it is working fine. try from another computer or browser.


Mewsoft Support

wiswis Reply #: 4 Posted on: 06-02-14 09:18 PM
Re: Language drop down menu

That's correct, it works fine from another computer, ….. The fault is my computer and sounds strange to me, may be the cookies or something else, I have to find out any way…
Thanks so much