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smokyant2000 First Post Posted on: 04-02-15 06:36 PM
make offer request

hello smile i have been wanting to do something about the offer notifacation in auction. i think emails are a little much as mewsoft does. but what if we were to add a slot in the "my account>selling" so that when you are looking in your account it shows title,price,high bidder,time left,(offers count). or instead of emails it comes as a private mesege on site only. i am willing to pay myself but others are welcome to join in on cost. all i need is the price. thank you very much.
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 04-05-15 09:20 AM
Re: make offer request

For  custom work quotes please contact by email and decided on what you want exactlly in full details.


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