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auctionbug First Post Posted on: 08-10-12 03:48 PM
ColorPicker and Category tree javascripts deprecated html

FYI, after spending hours and hours hunting down undocumented help for this script. to figure out why the post/edit item javascripts were not working in my valid xhtml I found the problem was with the colorpicker and category select javascripts. fortunatley I have worked with these very problematic javascripts years past and remembered their troubles. These are very outdated javascripts and do not function "out of the box" if you are using tabless divide layouts or you have any form inputs in your site menus as I have. The YUI color picker is a much better color picker script and works with all the newest html. also YUI's wysiwyg editor is much better than tiny mice. Also the html code within ALL of the default template editor files and most of the class files is deprecated html 3-4 this makes your ad copy claiming that the software is easily and totally customizable false, as the deprecated html causes problems in Mozilla browsers (and will not be supported in the next version of IE either), not to mention extremely difficult to customize into valid xhtml markup. Lastly the documentation and help articles provided are lacking at best. The core cgi programming is good, but the html and documentation are poorly done. When I pay for software that says it is fully customizable I expect it to be customizable with the latest html code and to work in all browsers, AND to have complete documentation. I'm very dissapointed with the lack of documentation and deprecated html/js code included with this product.
auctionbug Reply #: 1 Posted on: 08-11-12 01:44 PM
Re: ColorPicker and Category tree javascripts deprecated html

Just to clarify, I'm not saying this is a bad script. It's an awesome script, works well and has a lot of nice features. What I am saying is the html, css, and javascript code used in it is very old and deprecated, it needs to be updated. All of the template files are riddled with old unsupported html 3.0 center tags and devide tags, many with no closing which causes alot of problems if you use your own design and layout rather than the default one. it also shows hidden code in Firefox browsers, and misalignment because of these html errors. Most table background and font colors/faces are old inline styles, so in order to change the default colors you have to first find the classes or templates, then change them all on many many files. there is no documentation provided for troubleshooting errors, no documentation on where files are located for customization, or for using the template editor and miniaml documentation on the class editor, both of which are great features but you basically have to figure everything out on your own. which is very time consuming and frusterating. this script would be in my opinion the best auction script online that I've run across IF it had complete documentation and updated valid html, css and javascripts.
mewsoft Reply #: 2 Posted on: 08-11-12 05:08 PM
Re: ColorPicker and Category tree javascripts deprecated html

Ay JS code you can replace edit as you like, the same all html code is your's you are the king and this

is why we build all the products uses pure html templates and classes so you can replace, customize

any code for any version html/xhtml , web 2, etc. Try not to use things like you said Yahoo YUI because these

frameworks are heavy and also they still keep changing the code.

Mewsoft Support

auctionbug Reply #: 3 Posted on: 08-12-12 12:10 PM
Re: ColorPicker and Category tree javascripts deprecated html

the class/templates feature is wonderful, it's just I doubt most people want to go thru every template and class and update the html, it would be nice if it were just basic html with no insline styles, and no div or center tags. this way one can control all files from just one css or header class. and it would be extremely helpful if there was a list of general classes and templates explaining what they're used for. An example is the DateTime class, I see a class in Welcome called CLASS Date_Time:11 I set my general setting time format to show date in short format, i.e. 2/4/09 hour minute second, I put the CLASS Date_Time:11 in my header and it shows the format Wednsday, February 4 2009 hour minute second instead of the short format, I suppose that I need to replace the Date_Time:11 with a different number to pull in the short time format, but I don't know what it is and I cannot find anywhere that tells me. I did find the help section on this at you just have to find the number for the format you want, there is no description. Short format as in Month/Day/Year/time is 4 (in case anyone needs to know).
mewsoft Reply #: 4 Posted on: 08-12-12 12:48 PM
Re: ColorPicker and Category tree javascripts deprecated html

Final customization, the look and feel is the customer/designer choice, you can use css files as you like.

Anyway, the date classes you can use numbers from 0 to 27, see it in admin->general options:

None Class Based Date-Time Format:


Mewsoft Support