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kcallana First Post Posted on: 09-14-12 02:35 PM
Time and Bidder Problem

I have one bidder that placed a maximum bid on an item of $8.00, even thought te bid increment and minimum bid was $3.00, another bidder placed a bid of $8.00 on the same item and the initial bidder got an email stating he had been outbid, but it shows on the site as him being the winning bidder and if i look at the database it has the second bidder as the winning bidder? Also when i look at the Auction_Bids table in excell the time column is all numbers that don't make sense, can i change the Time filed TYPE to time or timestamp in phpmyadmin and it will now but the time in the excel file?
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 09-14-12 02:53 PM
Re: Time and Bidder Problem

What is that item url on your site? Your site 

have only test items with one bid on them.

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kcallana Reply #: 2 Posted on: 09-15-12 04:03 AM
i transferred that license to another site and the item is

i have the site set up with all products sold by 1 seller, the auction turns into a live auction on Friday and we close the site auction. I need to run a report on Friday with all the winning bids with the maximum so we can continue to bid on the items for the online users up to their maximum.

mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 09-16-12 09:30 PM
Re: Time and Bidder Problem

All item details you removed like the bids, bid history, start date, etc, So no way to confirm what you said.

Anyway you may be confused about the proxy bidding system, you can turn it off in your admin.

Since you have a live website, I recommend you to BACKUP your entire website at least DAILY, yu can do

this with one click from your website control panel (not the auction admin0, for cPanel, you will find a

link called "Backup" in your cpanel, the same for Plesk control panel users.

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kcallana Reply #: 4 Posted on: 09-18-12 05:44 AM
item details

i did not remove any info and I have backed up daily. i can see the bidding info in the database. also is there any way to cancel the bidding on all items but leave them there to view?
mewsoft Reply #: 5 Posted on: 09-18-12 03:48 PM
Re: Time and Bidder Problem

Why you are looking into the database tables in excel orginally, you should not go with any low level tools

as this only should be for your use as a end user should be concerned about customization and layout, this is

what you realy need to do. There is no bugs here anyway in the bidding system, try to submit another items.


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