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burgazzo First Post Posted on: 10-12-15 05:47 AM
renew ads thru sms

Hello I like to know the posibility of add to my site the option what my users can renew yours ads by sms per example, send a sms and received in your movilphone a message with a validation code what the user write in your ads and the ads is renew automatically I hope you understand me I`m wait your answer best regards Miguel
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 10-12-15 07:58 AM
Re: renew ads thru sms


SMS is not supported. Most mobile phones now can browse the internet which is much easyer for the

users to login to their accounts and update or post their ads and browse their web normal.

What you can do if you want is to create another theme for your site for mobile browsers and

reduce the graphics and the html code in that theme so it can load faster and cost less for the mobile

users, of course this will take you some time to do this light customization.


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