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w2009w First Post Posted on: 05-26-15 07:14 AM
Confirmation e-mail link does not work

When register new account and confirm the e-mail address by clicking on the link that comes with the confirmation e-mail,... that link does not work and this message comes up:

(SQL Error: Table 'wis2009_search.Forum_Users_Info' doesn't exist
INSERT INTO Forum_Users_Info SET AttachSign='1',YIM='',Occupation='',Custom7='',LastVist='1254388252',View='1',Custom5='',DateFormat=NULL,AIM='',Attach='1',NotifyPM='1',WebURL='',ViewEmail='1',AllowPM='1',Custom6='',ViewIP='1',Edit='1',Post='1',Custom10='',Custom9='',Sticky='1',Avatar='',ViewOnline='1',Custom4='',ICQ='',Timezone='0',Interests='',Poll='1',Custom1='',Reply='1',Custom2='',Location='',Custom3='',Deletes='1',MSNM='',Announce='1',Readx='1',WebTitle='',EmailTime='0',Language='English',Browse='1',Vote='1',Posts='0',Rank='0',Level='0',User_ID='asdf',Custom8='',Sig=''
Line 784, File /home/wis2009/public_html/cgi-bin/dir/

Once the link clicked and e-mail address confirmed, the e-mail address should be removed
from the Pending Accounts, but in this case it appears in the Account manager but stay in the Pending Account as well.

I've checked the it is in there.
How can fix that?
Many Thanks

mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 05-26-15 04:26 PM
Re: Confirmation e-mail link does not work

You enabled the forums plugin while forums is not installed. Disable the forums plugin in admin->Configuration

Mewsoft Support

w2009w Reply #: 2 Posted on: 05-27-15 02:27 AM
Re: Confirmation e-mail link does not work

That was the Boardawy Plugin ... every thing works fine now... thank you

But how did you know the plugin enabled in my admin>Configuration page !!...

mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 05-27-15 03:02 AM
Re: Confirmation e-mail link does not work

Your error message above inlcudes the details:

INSERT INTO Forum_Users_Info SET....

This sql table is used only when boarady is enabled!!!

Mewsoft Support