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tlbs First Post Posted on: 12-05-15 02:19 AM
User Profile Updates

Hi mewsoft,

I wanted to Disable Users from Updating or Changing the following User data;

  1. Email Address
  2. Fname
  3. Lname

I Un-Checked the above Items under "Edit Profile" at the Admin and i noted the following

  1. When user Updates his profile, NO email Notification is Sent to user email because the system does not Read his email address
  2. When the Fname is unchecked and the other items are Checked, the email Notification does not Read the Users Fname and only Salutes, Hello, (Without Fname)

Also, when User Updates his Profile and he Forgets to Fill the Compulsory Items, the Form does not ALERT THE user about the Unfilled Data and only Refreshes on the same Data Form

without Reporting what errors have been found.

How do i handle this?



mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 12-05-15 01:13 PM
Re: User Profile Updates

Hello, you can simply changed these form fields to hidden form field and they will not show in the edit page.

Mewsoft Support

tlbs Reply #: 2 Posted on: 12-06-15 01:27 AM
Re: User Profile Updates

Hi Mewsoft,

That is exactly what i did by UNCHECKING the fields and the Items are therefore Hidden from the user,

The Problem is that they seem to be HIDDEN from the System Mailling Program too.

I.e, The System mailer sees nothing in the Hidden Fields too

You can confirm to me this please


mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 12-06-15 05:34 AM
Re: User Profile Updates

What is the system mailing program? Each message sent from specific location has its own format and has its own variables that can be used in that message only. You can use the variables exists in each message only in that email body, please check email body in the location of required in the Language manager.] Thanks

Mewsoft Support

tlbs Reply #: 4 Posted on: 12-06-15 07:40 AM
Re: User Profile Updates


i Understand what you mean and believe me, i have set the Fields in the Language manager but when the Item is hidden, the

system ignores that Item. When the Fname is hidden, the Update email just says, Hello,....(No FName). and surprisingly the email is sent by another email address and not the one that sent the REGISTRATION email.

In my Case, the Registration email is sent by a but the Account update email is sent by

I expected the same email address should send the user a confirmation email at the time of 1ST TIME REGISTRATION and also when account is UPDATED.

What is your Take?