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wiswis First Post Posted on: 01-25-16 11:53 AM

Hi Ahmed,
I am adding RSS feed on the page of the website.
The English RSS displayed fine but I’ve got difficulties displaying the Arabic feed.
I’ve gone through lots of resources on the internet, it’s all about encoding.
I have changed the encoding “Charest” of the pages to UTF-8 (cause most the xml and RSS Arabic feeds comes in UTF-8) by adding this meta tag in the Header “from Class Editor” :
meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; Charest=UTF-8"
but that didn’t work.

When load any page, the browser doesn’t change the encoding to what’s in the meta tag.

Currently the Admin system and the website set on [[ Arabic (ISO-8859-6) ]] , when view the browser encoding you will see [ Arabic (ISO) on internet explorer ] and [ Arabic (ISO-8859-6) from Firefox ].
If you change browser encoding to UTF-8 , you see the Arabic feed correctly but the rest of Arabic fonts changed to unreadable characters.

Is there any way can I change the encoding inside the Admin system, so it will force the browse to switch to it,, at least the Arabic part of the website?


mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 01-26-16 08:07 AM
Re: Encoding

Yes mixed contents may be terriable sometimes, it is something among the browser settings, the server

encodings, the software output, forcing here and there etc specially if you gather information from other

websites. If your information comes all from your site, then you can control it by code with no problem,but if you

get the content from other websites, then you have to try  different things to mix the contents, says first

the browser in auto detect, try Windows-1256 encoding, try different arabic encodings, all these should be

able to display mixed contents both Arabic and english.


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