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qaz First Post Posted on: 05-15-15 02:02 PM
Web Site Name

Hello, I have tried and tried....looked and looked but I still do not see where I can Name my web site......I have read the posts and responses but all that does not help me in naming my web site. I do have a name that I will like to use instead of "Auctions"...I will like it to be Shortfoot Auctions. Please help my by sending me the step by step instructions... Thanks in advance.
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 05-15-15 10:14 PM
Re: Web Site Name

Go to your auction admin center, click on Language Manger, click the tab Edit, select the file General,

then click the button Edit, you will find a list of fields to edit, search for the variable site_name and

edit it. You will find also on the same page all the text used for the navigation and menus etc.


Mewsoft Support

qaz Reply #: 2 Posted on: 05-16-15 04:32 AM
Web Site Name Change

I did that already, (#406), but nothing changes on my web site name.......I had read the other posts and went in and changed that variable.....maybe I am missing something...I do not know
mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 05-16-15 06:06 AM
Re: Web Site Name

Everything in your site nav on this same General language page, check for these :



Mewsoft Support

qaz Reply #: 4 Posted on: 05-25-15 05:06 PM
Change web site name

Hello, I have tried everything I read about on the forum and still cannot get my web site's name to upload.

I created the image file and named it watermark.gif.... uploaded it in my cpanel and everything else but I

still cannot get it to shoe on my web site where the name has to be.

I am currently at the point where I do not have anything showing where the web site name should be.

. Please assist me with this. Thanks in advance.

mewsoft Reply #: 5 Posted on: 05-26-15 01:36 AM
Re: Web Site Name

Your topic was about the sitename, did you solved it as answered above in the language mangager->

select the file Genereal then all the navigation and genereal text their.

Now to your other no clear question about the watermark, this is different question, this is not the

site name, The watermark is an image file that works as a stamp on the uploaded user files optionally,

meaning if you delete it it will not stamp the users files without any errors.

Now to change this stamp to your own, you need to create an image file either watermark.png or

watermark.gif, the software will automatically search for the file watermark.png first then search

for watermakr.gif in the folder


The reason we search first for the .png because png files are true colors you can draw these files

and save them with their full colors, while the .gif file when you save their colors gets reduced to

256 colors only, however not all servers has the PNG libraries installed.

When you upload your images, make sure to upload them in Binary mode if you are using FTP or it

will be corrupted and will either not be used or generates errors.


Mewsoft Support

qaz Reply #: 6 Posted on: 05-26-15 02:53 AM
Site name

Hello, I still cannot name my web site I have tried everything you suggested and I still cannot get it to change. Now there is nothing where the name of the web site should be. Please help me with this. Thanks
mewsoft Reply #: 7 Posted on: 05-26-15 04:45 AM
Re: Web Site Name

Let me clear this for you, when you change the watermark image file, this will apply only to the new

auctions you will submit, this does not change the images in auctions already submited. I think this

is what confused you. If you chagned the watermark image, just submit a new auction and you will

see your watermark working on the new uploaded images.

by the way, I see your site is missing the latest updates for stores, want ads, widgets, etc.

Thank you

Mewsoft Support

qaz Reply #: 8 Posted on: 05-26-15 06:02 AM
Web Site Name

OK, maybe I need to take my time with this one...the reason why I am asking for your help is because I have tried everything you told me to do and I still cannot name my web site. Now there is nothing where the name of my web site should be. If you were to visit my web site you will see that there is no name to my web site...that is because I am still trying to name my web site and have not been successful yet. My main focus at this point is to name my web site...I will look into everything else at a later date. Please help me with this. Thanks
mewsoft Reply #: 9 Posted on: 05-26-15 07:42 AM
Re: Web Site Name

After looking at your site, seems you messed up the widget LogoArea, go to our demo:

and copy the contents of the LogoArea widget to your's in your admin->Widget Manager, select the

LogoArea and past the code and save,

You have a missing right bracket in this :


Then after that just upload your logo image logo.png to the folder


You will be fine after that

Mewsoft Support

qaz Reply #: 10 Posted on: 05-27-15 06:03 AM
Web Site Name

Thank you very much...that worked fine.
qaz Reply #: 11 Posted on: 05-27-15 06:21 AM

How much will it cost for you to update my web site with the stores info?
mewsoft Reply #: 12 Posted on: 05-27-15 08:38 AM
Re: Web Site Name

I emailed you the details.

Thank you

Mewsoft Support