qaz First Post Posted on: 08-19-15 12:08 PM

Hello, I am having an issue with sending invoices.... need your help. Each time I click on send invoices i get the following error Software Error Undefined subroutine &main::StartSendingInvoices called at line 332. Please help Thanks
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 08-19-15 08:29 PM
Re: Invoices


a fix and update just released for this:

Auctionawy 16.68 Upgrade Released. Invoices updated Open in new window


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qaz Reply #: 2 Posted on: 08-20-15 10:28 AM

Hello, Am I not paying for all updates to be applied to my web site? I do not understand why I have to do the update myself. Please explain this to me. Thanks
mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 08-20-15 11:08 AM
Re: Invoices

Yes since your have a Premium update service, we already applied all previous upgrades to your site, I test

the send invoices and the result was:

Sending New Invoices. Please wait...

carl1984 - $7.17
cbc397364 - $5.00
kelly12 - $5.00
loveable36 - $5.00
polk9 - $15.66
ridge27 - $5.00
sharleen1955 - $5.88 - $3.13
strawberriezandcreme - $5.00
wassermann - $-8.44


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qaz Reply #: 4 Posted on: 07-09-16 07:21 AM
invoice date

Hello, Can you tell me how to change the year at the bottom of my web site (copyright)and also to add the new year to the invoice page?
mewsoft Reply #: 5 Posted on: 07-09-16 09:06 AM
Re: Invoices

This text in your language module, the file General.


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qaz Reply #: 6 Posted on: 07-09-16 11:21 AM

Hello, Do I have to change to add the year 2013? Please let me know, that is the only thing I see for the date of the invoice Thanks
mewsoft Reply #: 7 Posted on: 07-09-16 12:44 PM
Re: Invoices

No you do not have to change the year, it sets the year from the last invoice sent, sent the last one

sent in 2012 you should send the new invoice starting from the last one sent.

However, check now I added one year to the list just in case.


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