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w2009w First Post Posted on: 08-03-16 04:19 AM
Different CSS to different language

Code: HTML
I want to use different CSS for different language, which is basically copied from the default and then modify it according to new language. 
Should I do this by create new theme ? Could you tell me please how to do this...

mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 08-03-16 03:29 PM
Re: Different CSS to different language


The Auction software already comes with a commented line in the head or header widget for

the rtl langs, you can enable it and it will just add the css for the rtl langs.

if you want full css for each langauge, if you are using a new theme for each langauge then you should

have no problem as you will customize the css files in the theme folders. But if you want to

use the same theme for more than one language, then you will have to use/add a new langauge

variables say in the langauge file and set it equal to the css file name for that theme

then in the header widget use that langauge variabale, say for example

<style .... src="[[css_file]]" ...>

and in the General langauge file add the new variable:


do this addition for each langauge you want to use with the theme.


Mewsoft Support

w2009w Reply #: 2 Posted on: 08-16-16 06:01 AM
Re: Different CSS to different language

Beautiful, thank you Ahmed...
I have another issue; I appreciate your reply...
When roll the pointer over on the main category “at the home page” there are no sub-categories
showing, but when click on any category and go inside, you see the sub-categories once you rollover!

Same thing on your demo site, when you move the pointer on Music on the home page, nothing
happen,... click on Music and roll over, the sub-music list appears.
How can I make sub-categories appears when roll over on the home page?

mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 08-16-16 07:45 AM
Re: Different CSS to different language

Yes this is correct. The default cats tree levels are only one level, you can change this

in the template Frontpage, find this:

[ gadget::CategoriesVertMenu(Parent=0, Levels=0,

then set the Levels=0 to Levels=1 or more, this sets the levels of the cats menu.

The more you set the slower will be since these cats will be loaded from the database and parsed to

the the JS tree menu in this gadget. So becareful if you have many categories.


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