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w2009w First Post Posted on: 11-14-16 08:13 PM
Expired Auctions


The expired auctions "ended Auctions and (Buy Now)" should be deleted from the site, they stays in the seller account and of course he can re-list it )...

the ended items are still visible with status "closed" !!

How can I manage this ?


mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 11-15-16 05:52 AM
Re: Expired Auctions

Admin->Auction module, click the tab "Maintenance":

Optimize your database and remove old and unnecessary data.

Prune Old Auctions
Delete ended auctions older than:


Mewsoft Support

w2009w Reply #: 2 Posted on: 11-22-16 02:56 AM
Old items

I have set the "Prune Old Auctions" to 1 day, but still old auctions exists in the home page and categories,..any idea ?
also, this is for old and expired auctions, what about the Buy-Now items when the "certain listing period" expire, how these can be deleted ?

mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 11-22-16 10:37 AM
Re: Expired Auctions

You need to process the closed auctions. This will remove the closed or expired auctions from the display.

You can set the automate this process to close the auctions every one hour. Closed auctions after they are

processed only display in the user account manager under not sold, this applies to all auctions or buy it now items.

Then if you want to remove these expired auction or any closed and processed auction, you just prune it as you did.


Mewsoft Support

w2009w Reply #: 4 Posted on: 12-01-16 05:19 AM
Re: Expired Auctions

When click on "Process Closed Auctions" I got this error "please see attached image":

Application Error

Module does not exist ProcessAuctions/ProcessAuctions/ [Module: ProcessAuctions, File: ProcessAuctions, Method: ProcessAuctions]

When I click on "Automate Processing" and the link to (Installing Auctions Auto Processing Daemon) it should install this module, I checked cli folder, nothing in it, and when click to call "AuoProcess program" , I got this error:

Application Error
Module does not exist cli/cli/ [Module: cli, File: cli, Method: AutoProcessAuctions.cgi]

so, can you install this module please "our Hosting with Mewsoft" ?


mewsoft Reply #: 5 Posted on: 12-01-16 08:45 AM
Re: Expired Auctions

You can upgrade the code files yourself. before doing any changes, backup your entire site from your hosting cpanel.

If you want you can order one hour custom work $50 and we do the code upgrade for your site if your license is still valid.

If your license to upgrade expired you can buy a new years of upgrades.


Mewsoft Support

w2009w Reply #: 6 Posted on: 12-01-16 07:46 PM
Re: Expired Auctions

Dear Ahmed,

What do you mean by upgrade the code files !!!

What I am asking is part of the software... if there are hundreds and thousands of expired "auctions ending and (Buy Now) ads", remained displayed on the website, that will be huge mess and search or browse items will be impossible.

The expired items should be deleted automaticaly from displaying.

I am following your instructions for setting up this function.

Now, you are telling me upgrade the code files, of course I don't know how to do this, but even so, I beleive this is part of the software otherwise the expired auctions will remain there for ever !!

My licence is valid and the site hosted with you, but I don't feel that I should pay for this!!

Thank you

mewsoft Reply #: 7 Posted on: 12-02-16 05:32 AM
Re: Expired Auctions

Did you ready my above replies. To process the closed auctions, you have 2 options, you do that inside the Auction module

in your admin center.

You can process the closed auctions manually anytime and you can set the auto process auctions to do it automatically

every hour or so, all this from inside the Auction module in your admin center. Do you have problem with these?

The other thing I said about if you want us to apply the latest upgrades for you, I did not say you have to pay, you can apply

the upgrades yourself, you have the Live Update module in your admin center, you also can download the latest version

and upgrade the code files or any files you want using an FTP software or even cpanel file explorer. No one told you have to

pay to get the upgrades.

If you want us to apply all the missing upgrades and releases, will be 2 hours custom work $100, we have an offer to apply

upgrades for one year for $399 on our order page where we apply the upgrades and fixes once released without contacted you.


Mewsoft Support