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seeallebay First Post Posted on: 08-25-17 09:36 AM
Banners, Zones & Campaigns Problems - Version Webawy 19.61


After having see all Mewsoft data in forum on Manager Banner page, Zones etc etc T

here is a problem with Creating New Zone - Zones Created and changed to the new zone name - Example - [gadget::Banner(zone="Bottom_468_ZA", campaign="")::] (It will not rotate banners).

This is what I did ...

1) Created New Zone "Top_468_ZA"

2) Changed the Zone name in location were I wanted it.

3) Created New Campaigns.

4) Configured Campaigns to Zone - Top_468_ZA

5) Enabled Campaigns

The problem is that the Banners do not Rotate, when page is refreshed or when going to another page just the one banner will show at all times (No Rotation).

So I diactivated that specific banner and next banner did show, but still will not rotate other banners.

Then I enabled the disabled banner, it will show again but will not Rotate other banners.

These Mewsoft Banner Zones do not work, I have assigned banners to these Zones but they do not show anywere in my website. And I cannot locate them in the strings, widgets, gadgets, html or were ever they are located.

- BOT_ROS_468

- Left_120 - ROS_468

- TOP_ROS_468

- Top_SSL_468

Were are they???


Manage Banner Zones"- The Default Campains do not Show in "Default Campains" drop down window when in the Banner Zone Configuration page.

I have a US, IT, UK and South African page and I need to rotate differant campains/banners for these different countries.

How can I resolve these problems?


Admin SeeAlleBay

mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 08-25-17 04:30 PM
Re: Banners, Zones & Campaigns Problems - Version Webawy 19.61

The banner gadget example as you saw in the LogoArea.html in the design module->widgets.

The campaing must be "enabled" to rotate in the zone you configured it. to enable/disable the

campaing from the Banner module the tab "Campaigns" then under the action for each campaign

enable it.

I added 2 more banners to our demo

and all of the three banners rotate in the same zone.


Mewsoft Support