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martinesko First Post Posted on: 01-01-18 06:40 AM
Auctions manager / relist item

when Im using in admin account --> auctions --> relist option the auctions start again with price 0 in View as --> list
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 01-01-18 07:46 AM
Re: Auctions manager / relist item

If I go here on your site:

Some items has price zero and some has price. What actualy shows on this column is the current bid and not the buy price, so items

without buy price will be zero. The other listing view Gallery and Summary shows the buy price or the bid price. If you want this, see

the templates Listing.html and ListingGallery.html, you will find the Listing.html has:

<!--Currency--> <!--CurrentBid--> if you want to show only the buy price, use <!--Currency--> <!--BuyPrice--> instead. But the ideal to the listing page

is just to rename the text for the price column to say "current bid".


Mewsoft Support

martinesko Reply #: 2 Posted on: 01-09-18 03:31 AM
Re: Auctions manager / relist item

OK ... this shows !--Currency--> !--CurrentBid--> but all those auctions are with option buy it now. The price is zero because I relist items trought admin account. When I relist items trough user account one by one amount is not zero. I hope you undarrstand me right. relisting wiht admin (zero price), relisting with user account (showing right price).
mewsoft Reply #: 3 Posted on: 01-09-18 07:03 AM
Re: Auctions manager / relist item

Yes I undserstand now what you want, I did some updates and updated your site to do what you want, try now and let me know if it does what you want.

Anyway, changes made to the code files:


I already updated your site.


Mewsoft Support