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Focusman01 First Post Posted on: 10-21-10 04:33 PM
A Slanted Hand ?

Hello Ahmed

Need your opinion or if this happen with anyone.

Last night while in the middle of transffering images into the classified/html/images/.gif files a pink hand with a blue cuffed sleeve appeared. It was an opened hand slanted down at an 15 degree angle, to the left of each file, as if it was pointing and showcasing each image. About 15 min later, I shutdown CuteFtp and restarted, the hand image was gone the traditional square type image returned where the hand was. Also I tried to right click on hand image like the traditional square to copy, it would not let itself be copy.

Could it have been someone was copying software while I was working on classifieds? if so how can one find out who?

Any thoughts.