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Auctionawy 10.8 Major Upgrade Released Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
First Post Posted on: 12-09-10 03:23 PM last post first post


Auctionawy 10.8 Upgrade includes major new features and enhancements. It is important to process all upgrades and updates immediately.

New Advanced Search

The new advanced search is new and easy to use menu TABBed will do all search functions from the same page using switched tabs well designed. The new advanced search also has different fields for searching instead of telling the user how to make a search phrase or term with NAD's and OR's etc, each one has its own form fields:

with all of the words
with the exact phrase
with at least one of the words
without the words

This will also save us 4 Templates no longer needed, delete them from your server:


The new Advanced search also will automatically do the search on the selected category and all its sub categories tree for better results.

*)-Include Sub Categories Listings

Based on some of our customers, we added this featured which can be turned on/off from your admin -> General Option:

Include Sub Categories Listings:

When browsing, display all sub categories listings

*)-Favorits New Menu Tabbed Design
The Favorites page is now well designed also using menu TABBED on the same page the user switch between favorites Categories and users for better managment and display.

*)-New Search Form Functions
The new search category form now include 2 new checkboxes for:

Search titles and description
Search sub categories

The "Search titles and description" checkbox allows searching items titles only or titles and description.

The "Search sub categories" allows search the current selected category only or the current category and all its sub categories tree.

*)-Added Home page links for 2 help pages Auctions Fees and Buy It Now

*)-Added ListingSearch.html template to display the search results instead of using the template Listing.html for both browsing and searching

*)-New Navigations Links Added to the listing pages:

All Items | Auctions | Buy It Now |

Also new navigation bas inserted in the listing template which displays this navigation:

All Items | Auctions | Buy It Now | Gallery | New | Hot | Going | Closed | Featured | Big Ticket | Sold

The user can filter his browsing by any of these plus of course the sorting links.

*)-Added "Add to My Favorite Categories"
Add the link "Add to My Favorite Categories" to the listing template to allow the user to add the category he is browsing to his favorites categories.

*)-EditItem language file no longer needed

The language file EditItem no longer needed, we used the sell item plus some new variables added from the edititem file. This will make it easy for anyone doing trsnaltions to other languages.

*)-EditProfile Language file no longer needed

The language file Editprofile.pm no longer needed, we use now the file Register for both registartion and edit profile with few variables new to save time for customization.

*)-Language files now are saved with variables sorted for easy manual editing and searching

*)-Visual HTML editor updated, removed unnecessary links and optimized so it can be occupied by smaller rectangles if required.

*)-Added new class Total_Listed_Count for listed items since start

The new class in the frontpage template "Total_Listed_Count" will count the listed auctions since you start the site, the other total items count class will will count only the current contenets of teh database both open and closed and processed so if you delete older items will not be counted. The new class also can be used to "forge" any count you want like this from the sql commander:

update Auction_Config set Name="Total_Listed_Count", Value="27321"

you can change the value 27321 to any number.
If you run this command remenre to run the update system stats.

*)-Fixed some bugs, featured and thumbs images was not deleted after items deleted.

How to update:
Update the following cgi files:



ListingSearch.html <= New added
HtmlEditor.html <= updated
Listing.html <= updated
FrontPage.html <= updated
Gallery.html <= updated
Favorites.html <= updated
Search.html <= updated

Language Files:
These files has new variables, open these files in any text editor at the end and insert these from your language manager or copy and past to the language file on your server the way you want.


list_all_items~==~All Items
listing_fees~==~Listing Fees
how_to_buy~==~How To Buy
total_listed_count~==~Total Listed
search_sub_categories~==~Search sub categories
add_to_favorites_categories~==~Add to My Favorite Categories
guide_bar_buyitnow_label~==~ > Buy It Now
buy_it_now~==~Buy It Now
guide_bar_auctions_label~==~ > Auctions
guide_bar_all__items_label~==~ > All Items

required_terms~==~with <b>all</b> of the words
phrase_terms~==~with the <b>exact phrase</b>
optional_terms~==~with <b>at least one</b> of the words
exclude_terms~==~<b>without</b> the words

edit_account_page_title~==~<font size="4" color="red"><b>Change Registration Information</b></font>
edit_profile_message~==~<br><p align="left"><b>Dear <!--FName-->,</b></p><p align="justify">The changes you have made to your registration information has been saved. If you have changed your Password then you need to login again. We have sent an email to you with your new registration information. </P><br><b>Thank You</b>
edit_profile_email_subject~==~Change of registration information
edit_profile_email_message~==~Dear <!--FName-->,<br>Thank you for updating your registration information on our site. <br> Your user ID: <!--User_ID--><br>Your password: <!--Password--><br>First name: <!--FName--><br>Last name: <!--LName--><br>Stree: <!--Street--><br>City: <!--City--><br>State: <!--State--><br>Zip: <!--Zip--><br>Country: <!--Country--><br><br><b>Thank You</b><br><!--CLASS::Site_Name--> Team<br>
edit_submit_button~==~<input type="submit" value="Save Changes" class="buttons">
edit_clear_form_button~==~<input type="reset" value="Reset" class="buttons">

edit_item_page_title~==~Edit Auction
edit_submit_button~==~<input type="submit" value="Save Changes" name="Submit">
edit_clear_form_button~==~<input type="reset" value="Reset" name="Reset">
item_edited_message~==~<br><br><br><CENTER><font COLOR ="red" SIZE =4><b>Thank You</b></font></CENTER><br><b>Your changes has been submitted to your auction</b>. <br>Your Item Number is: <b><!--ID--></b>. <br><br><b>Click on the link below to visit your item </b><br><A HREF="<!--Link-->"><b><!--Title--></b></a><br><br><b>To submit another item using the same data, please <a href="<!--Edit_Relist-->">click here</a></b><br><br><b>To submit another copy of the same item to the same category, please <a href="<!--Relist-->">click here</a></b><br><br><br><br>

New images
2 new images added in the directory html/auctions/images


These are used by the TAB menu used in the advanced search and favorites pages.

New Javascript File
upload the new file:
to your server in ascii mode, you may be also need to set its permissions to executable 755 if required.

HTML Editor files
Update the file
Also upload it in ascii mode

Please let us know your opinion.


Mewsoft Support

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