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Auctionawy 2005 Released Version 8.0 Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
First Post Posted on: 05-02-09 12:22 AM last post first post
Greating all,

Today we released our best product Mewsoft Auctionawy 2005 V 8.00. With this product you will be amazed with the tons of new features that you can not find anywhere. Below is just a small list of the new features added to this product.

Product Demos

Admin demo: http://www.mewsoft.com/cgi-bin/auction/admin.cgi
User demo: http://www.mewsoft.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi

New features List

*)-Add Fixed price support like shopping system, On the sell page, users select the Type of listing either "Auction" or "Fixed Price". If user selected Fixed price, the system will deal show it on the view item page without bidding form with special template for fixed price items.

*)-Multiple currency support. Now users select on the sell page what currency they want to list their items, The admin can enable unlimited number of currencies and of course customizable for each language.

*)-Add new feature for making more money "Sub Title", users can display text banners "sub titles" on the listing pages for a fees set by the admin.

*)-Very nice visual color picker for the title color option.

*)-Unlimited "Payment Methods" drop down menu customizable for each language with "Additional payment instructions" textarea field so users can add their own instructions.

*)-Added feature for unlimited "Will Ship To:" with "Additional shipping instructions" text field.

*)-Customizable "Shipping Time" Drop menu.

*)-Unlimited "Shipping Payment" drop menu customizable with "Additional shipping payment instructions".

*)-Added "Shipping Insurance" options.

*)-Added "Sales Tax" Options.

*)-Added "Return Policy" options with menus and selections for "Return Period", "Refund Method", and additional text filed.

*)-Switchable visual true WUSIWYG html editor. The system will keep the user option by cookies.

*)-Category specific templates. admin->category manager ->edit any category to see how easy to use a specific template for one category and you can apply it for its first level subs or all its subs tree.

*)-Category specific icons. admin->category manager ->edit any category to see how easy to use a specific icon for one category and you can apply it for its first level subs or all its subs tree.

*)- BidFind.com support

Admin->Portal Tools ->BidFind Setup

Go to http://www.bidfind.com/ to get more information about what is BidFind.
From there site "BidFind is the Internet's largest aggregator of dynamic pricing data".

*)-Category specific templates zones. This feature you will like it to much. Each category has 20 zones that you can put any code you want HTML or JS etc, cosider it part of your html pages generated. Now you just insert the classes <!--CLASS::ZoneXX--> in your listing template where XX from 1 to 20, and when you browse specific category, its zones code will be inserted in the locations of the <!--CLASS::ZoneXX--> code.

This allows you to customize the the look and feel for each category and also insert specific html code or text banners or banner zones for each category

*)-Print This Item for the auction system in the View Item page in the View Ad page.

*)-New visual html editor. This html editor works with both Inetrnet Explorer and Netscape with advanced html tools (this is the interface of the free html area editor from htmlarea.com). Please test the "Sell" page on the auction system.

*)-Added support for uploading multimedia files like sound files, mid files, mov files, avi files, wav files, doc files, cvs files, txt file, pdf files etc.

*)-Added support for perl graphics module GD 2.19 and higher, now the program supports GIF files without the need for the converter program gif2png that we ship with the products to convert gif images to png then to jpg. This is much faster and better.

*)-Modular design, only 2 main .cgi files admin.cgi and auction.cgi all others are now modules only .pm files so it will be very easy to install, upgrade etc.

*)-Multiple Theme support, now you can create unlimited themes and attach each theme with specific language, so for example you can assign separate theme for Hebrew or Arabic language and other theme for English or German etc. Also each theme have its own graphics directory so you can change images for each theme without renaming files, unde html/auctions/theme directory

*)-Location Category, now you can create unlimited nested location categories and users can browse the entire site by locationand location is kept by cookie for next users visits, so if your site is multiple counter, users of each countery can choose their country once and the system keep it by cookie.

*)-New category manager and categories system that supports specific Icon for each category and category system is fully sql based multiple language so there are no more language file Categories.pm which had to be loaded each time and gets bigger with categories.

*)-New user account manager tools like "Purchased", "Lost" and layout.

*)-New view item page design with lots of links and tools, Real time clock for ending time, Links added Modify Item, Cancel Item, Cancel Bids, End Item Now, Copy Item Data, Relist Item, Add Seller To Favorites.

*)- Added New main navigation links "Closed", "Favorites", "Sold"

*)-User accounts "Money Manager" rearranged and optimized.

*)-Admin "Announcements Manager" is now SQL based well designed no longer Announcements directory required.

*)-Custom Fields Manager, Now our system supports unlimited shared custom fileds and also unlimited category specific custom fields. So you can create custom fields to be used for all categories and also create custom fields specific for each category, Check the admin Custom fields manager.

*)-New Admin Template editor and Class editor well designed.

*)-New templates design and Layout

Many new features you will find.

The new database system is not compatible with any older version. You will need to install under different directory and start a new database. There is no conversion tool until now, it may or may not exist and if it exist it will only transfer the database.

Mewsoft Support

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