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Auctionawy Upgrade.New Widgets and Shorter URL's Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
First Post Posted on: 01-23-16 11:50 PM last post first post

Hello all,

This new upgrade added new widgets and major features.

1)-Widget Live currency converter using Ajax will convert among any currencies and will remember the user selections for the next visits, this widget is

now used on the homepage but you can use it anywhere you want as you can customize the look and currencies and the default currencies etc.

2)- Widget Top Seaches & Newest Searches. This widget display the top search keywords or terms and how many times each term has been search for.

This is a widget and also a new page in the advanced search menu add for displaying the Top and the Newest search terms. This same widget can  be used

to display either the Top searches or the newest searches and limit how many terms and display or not the counts, all configurable.

3)- Mush Shorter URL's for the entire program now. We have removed the query parameters and replaced with shorter links, for example:


Now just becomes:


and all the navigation links becomes short this way

The view auctions now has no url parameter except the id number of the item, so users can reach their item like this:


where 123456 is their item id.

users stores same thing users get their store with just a store numer:


4)- Widget Search Stores. This widget on the stores page for user to search for specific store name.

5)-Widget Search Store. This widget on each store pages to search for items within that store only.

6)-Favorits Stores. A link on each store for users to add this store to their favorits page and the favorits page now has a tab for that.

7)-New RSS feeders. The RSS feeders and makers redesigned from scratch for displaying the full items description with the media files inseated of stripping off the

html from the description.

8)-Help page for Stores added.

9)-LiveUpdate Language update feature added. The liveupdate now has a feature to update the langauge files automatically.

10)-LiveUpdate Configuration update feature added. This feature in the life update will add only the new settings and new defaults to the current installed version

without changing the installation configuration.

11)-gzip Compressed Output. Now the program supports compressing the generated pages contens on the fly in real time if the user browser supports

compression, it will detect that automatically if the browser supports gzip or not, if it does not support gzip it will return the content uncompressed normal.

Besides this auto detect, a new setting added now in Admin->Configuration to enable/disable output compression. This feature compresses the out put generated

by the system on the fly and reduces some pages from 100k bytes to less than 15k bytes but you may want to try it on different systems and you can trun it off

from the admin configuration any time.

How to update

Please see the previous topic reply about using the LiveUpdate.

If you have not done the previous upgrade. Download this upgrade, extract then in the liveupdate run the upgrade script 15.100 once then apply all

upgrade steps in the previous topic.

Thank you

Mewsoft Support

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