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First Post Posted on: 04-23-09 09:51 PM last post first post
Greating from Mewsoft Corp,

Mewsoft Classifiedawy Version 8.0 released today. The new version has new nice features and fix to all bugs reported.

To download the latest version, go to our site, click on "My Account" and using your License number you will be able to download your products and update your domain and email information.

Here is some of the new features added:

1)-BidFind.com support


Admin->Portal Tools ->BidFind Setup

Go to http://www.bidfind.com/ to get more information about what is BidFind. From there site "BidFind is the Internet's largest aggregator of dynamic pricing data".

2)-Category specific templates zones
This feature you will like it to much. Each category has 20 zones that you can put any code you want HTML or JS etc, cosider it part of your html pages generated. Now you just insert the classes <!--CLASS::ZoneXX--> in your listing template where XX from 1 to 20, and when you browse specific category, its zones code will be inserted in the locations of the <!--CLASS::ZoneXX--> code.

This allows you to customize the the look and feel for each category and also insert specific html code or text banners or banner zones for each category, check these links:




These zones are set for each language, so if you have more than one language, you can set differently the contents of zones for each language.

3)-Print This Ad
Print This Ad in the View Ad page.

4)-New Visual HTML editor

The new html editor is htmlarea from htmlarea.com, it is very nice and we done it in a good way so that the user can enable it and disable it when he want from any field it is used like on the post ad page and edit ad page and the system keeps his option by a cookie for next times.

This html editor works with both Inetrnet Explorer and Netscape on Windows and many other OS's and browsers with advanced html tools. Please test the "Post Ad" page. This is a real html editor.

5)-GD module upgrade
Added support for perl graphics module GD 2.19 and higher, now the program supports GIF files without the need for the converter program gif2png that we ship with the products to convert gif images to png then to jpg. the gif2png is no longer available with the new version and no longer needed. This is much faster and better.

6)-New Theme Manager
The new theme manager create a directory for the graphics specific for each theme you create under the html directory under /html/classifieds/theme/Default , the default theme is Default, so for every theme you create there are 2 directories, one for templates and the other for the graphics. This allows you to use same graphics names for each theme

7)-Mewsoft Passport Support
Added new feature currently now in Classifieday, Auctionawy, and Boardawy The Mewsoft Passport, this is a single signup and login for your customers if you enable this feature in admin->configuration in the products you want. The only requirement to use Mewsoft Passport is to use the same database for all the products you want to share the same user signup and login. So now you can use for example same database for Boardawy, Classifiedawy, and Auctionawy. Remember that each product still has to be installed under different directory, do not install any products on same directory or files will overwrite, they communicate through the SQL database.

8)-Mewsoft Boardawy Plugin
Add admin option to enable the new mewsoft forum software (Boardawy) to work in plugin mode for the Auctionawy, in this mode it will display users feedback stars and rating in the forum Authors profile and in view posts pages etc. To enable this from admin->configuration and you need to use same database for Boardawy and Auctionawy but you still need to install each product under different directory.

9)-All reported bugs fixed
As we used to do we always fix bugs once it is reported on the forum or by contact by anyway, all reported bugs since the last version release has been fixed.

10)-New media and files upload support
Added support for uploading multimedia files like sound files, mid files, mov files, avi files, wav files, doc files, cvs files, txt file, pdf files etc.

This of besides some improvments and small other features

How to upgrade

Do not worry, you will not loose any customization or configuration you have done or changes to your database.

1)- Update all the cgi files (*.cgi and *.pm ) under the directory ccgi-bin/classified. Do not upgrade the files under the data directory. Transfer these files in ASCII mode and change the perl path in the .cgi files if required accoriding to perl on your server.

2)-Three new templates addes, PrintAd, HTMLEditor, and HTMLEditorAdmin
trsnafer them to your data/templates/default. Also transfer these files in ASCII mode.

3)-added the html editor undef html/classifieds/htmledtor, trsnafer this directory and all its sub directories to your html/classifieds directory. Transfer any .js files in ASCII mode or it will not work.

Change permissions on all files .js, .css to 755 (executables) and the directory itself must be executable.

4)-Create the directories

5)-Upgrade the files

transfer these files in ASCII mode

Using Boardawy With Classifiedawy
If you want to use the forum software (Boardawy) with your classifeds software, just install it say under cgi-bin/forum and let it use the same database as the classifieds. Then go to setup wizard in the forum admin.cgi, click on create sql tables, then click on Prepare plugin link on the same page. this will make all your classifieds current users able to use the forum immediately without the need to register again on the forum. Of course you will need to remove the link register from your forum templates and link it directly to your classifieds signup page. Now the user can login from the forum or from the classifieds and also logout from any of them.


Mewsoft Support

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