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How to display the pages and text in your language Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
First Post Posted on: 03-04-10 05:09 AM last post first post

By default, the products comes with english language only. If you want to use it in another language, your local language, then you will need to translate the language files from your admin center -> Language manager or translate the language files direct using any text editor like notepad. Language files are text files and should be modified with text editors only.

Now to display your pages in your local language or any none english language you need to tell the browsers your language and the language direction (left to right LTRor right to left RTL) and the character set to use and also users who browse your site need to configure their browser to either AUto Detect charsets or set the same chartset you use.

Here is an example for Arabic support, here is how the header should contain (General class Header):

Code: HTML    Select All    Expand All
<br />&lt;HTML dir=&quot;rtl&quot; lang=&quot;ar&quot;&gt;</p><p>&lt;html&gt;<br />&lt;head&gt;<br />&lt;meta http-equiv=&quot;Content-Language&quot; content=&quot;ar-eg&quot;&gt;<br />&lt;meta http-equiv=&quot;Content-Type&quot; content=&quot;text/html; charset=windows-1256&quot;&gt;<br />&lt;title&gt;Your site title&lt;/title&gt;<br />&lt;meta name=&quot;Keywords&quot; content=&quot;your keywords&quot;&gt;<br />&lt;meta name=&quot;Description&quot; content=&quot;your description for your site&quot;&gt;</p><p>


I inserted a spabe before and after all the < and > in the examples below to display the html code as text here.

The first line in the header should tell the language name and direction:

< HTML dir="rtl" lang="ar" >

here "rtl" for right to left and "ar" is the language abbreviation for Arabic

Then the meta tag also set the same language type:

< meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="ar-eg" >

Then the meta tag charset tell browsers what code page to use to display your page on users computers:

< meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1256" >

You also may need to insert the language direction tag in the body tage like this:

< body dir="rtl" onload="JS_OnLoad()" bgcolor="#ffffff" LEFTMARGIN="0" TOPMARGIN="0" MARGINHEIGHT="0" MARGINwidth="0" >

so dir is either "rtl" or "ltr".

Now you can also inside the page body display text in more than one language and direction for example you can use the span tag like this:

< span lang="ar-eg" dir="rtl" >this is arabic text here< /span >

This is what you need to do to display in any language.

Now the second part for this issue to complete is the server configuration. Your web hosting company should prepare the server you are located on to process your language charset, basically the webserver software should have support for your language, for example the Apache webserver have a configuration file normally called httpd.conf and it is text file and has a section for languages supported (charsets), Here is my local server file section:

AddLanguage da .dk
AddLanguage nl .nl
AddLanguage en .en
AddLanguage et .ee
AddLanguage fr .fr
AddLanguage de .de
AddLanguage el .el
AddLanguage he .he
AddCharset ISO-8859-8 .iso8859-8
AddLanguage it .it
AddLanguage ja .ja
AddCharset ISO-2022-JP .jis
AddLanguage kr .kr
AddCharset ISO-2022-KR .iso-kr
AddLanguage nn .nn
AddLanguage no .no
AddLanguage pl .po
AddCharset ISO-8859-2 .iso-pl
AddLanguage pt .pt
AddLanguage pt-br .pt-br
AddLanguage ltz .lu
AddLanguage ca .ca
AddLanguage es .es
AddLanguage sv .se
AddLanguage cz .cz
AddLanguage ru .ru
AddLanguage tw .tw
AddLanguage zh-tw .tw
AddCharset Big5 .Big5 .big5
AddCharset WINDOWS-1251 .cp-1251
AddCharset CP866 .cp866
AddCharset ISO-8859-5 .iso-ru
AddCharset KOI8-R .koi8-r
AddCharset UCS-2 .ucs2
AddCharset UCS-4 .ucs4
AddCharset UTF-8 .utf8

There is also a section for charsets like:

AddCharset ISO-8859-1 .iso8859-1 .latin1
AddCharset ISO-8859-2 .iso8859-2 .latin2 .cen

Other web servers software have different methods for configuration but normally most servers specially Unix family uses Apache.

So it is basically server configuration first issue then your setting above in the headers second issue.

To summrize, these steps:

1)-Make sure your server supports your language and charset.
2)-Setup your html pages header to your language and charset
3)-Configure and ask your website surfers to configure their web browser to view your page by setting the correct charset (in Internet Explorer this is done from the menu View then select Encoding then select your code page, in Netscape from the menu View select Character coding then select the code page) .

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