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Installing perl modules on windows or unix servers Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
First Post Posted on: 09-02-10 04:13 PM last post first post
This is a small guide on how to install Perl modules.

You must be the server root user to install Perl modules.

Any perl module you can download from www.cpan.org . there are many ways to install them easily.

I will try to explain how to install any perl module in general on any server windows or unix.

If you are on a Windows server, install Activestate perl from www.activestate.com , this comes with a program called ppm.bat or ppm3.bat, you just go to :


then enter ppm or ppm3


then the ppm prompt will appear:


type help to get help or type:

install modue_name

for example to install the DBI module, type

c:\ppm> install DBI

to install the GD type:

c:\ppm> install GD

and to install the module HTML::SimpleLinkExtor type:

c:\ppm>install HTML::SimpleLinkExtor

and to install Business::OnlinePayment

c:\ppm>install Business::OnlinePayment

when finished type exit to exit from the ppm prompt.

On none Windows server and also on Windows servers, there is a program called CPAN that also comes with all versions of perl, easy like the ppm the steps are from DOS or Telnet (needs root access):



%perl -MCPAN -e shell

This also will start the CPAN shell but if this is the first time you run it it will go through some configuratin steps when finished you get the CPAN prompt:


the same steps as PPM type install , space, then the module name you wantto install

CPAN>install Business::OnlinePayment


CPAN>install Business-OnlinePayment

if module can not be found build at these sites, and in general any module you can install it manually in 4 steps

1)-Normally all modules are .gz so you unzip it
2)- change to the directory it is unzipped and type:

perl Makefile.PL



on windows type nmake instead of make


make install

of course you can issue make test before it if you want

I think this covers installing perl modules

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