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Integrating Auctionawy, Classifiedawy, Searchawy, and Boardawy Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
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Our products Auctionawy, Classifiedawy, Searchawy, and Boardawy can be integrated to use single registration and single user login, this is what we called Mewsoft Passport. This means if you have Auctionawy and Classifiedawy installed for example, you can let the users register once say on the auction and they will be able to login to both Auction and Classifieds. It is like MSN passport for our products.

This integration applies starting from Auctionawy 2005, version 8.00, Searchawy 8.00 2006, Classifiedawy 8.00, and does not apply to any old versions.

Here are steps you should know when integrating:

You will use only one SQL database for all the products that you will integrate. This means you will create a mysql database and use in the all products admin configuration then create each product sql tables from the setup wizard normal.

In your products configuration menu in the admin center, enable these options:

Enable Mewsoft Passport: Use same database for enabled products
Enable Boardawy Plugin: Use same database for both products

If you installed Boardawy then do the same in the admin configuration:

Enable Mewsoft Passport: Use same database for enabled products
Enable Mewsoft Auctionawy Plugin: Use same database for enabled products
Enable Mewsoft Classifiedawy Plugin: Use same database for enabled products

The above steps applies for all new installations for all versions that announceed as integration ready.

If you installed Boardawy after the Auctionawy and you have some uses registered in Auctionawy, to make these users available with their info for boardawy, in your boardawy admin center, Setup Wizard, click in "Prepare Plugins" once.

Now you need only to let the visitors register on one product only and remove all the register links from the other products or let all the Register links in all products point to only one register of one product. For example if you have Auctionawy , Classifiedawy and Boardawy installed, then only keep the Register link on the Auctionawy and remove the Register links in Classifiedawy and Boardawy and hard code them to point to the Auctionawy Registration. This is because all the products share and use the same Users SQL table.

One of the best of the integratin also is the Banner system, it is also shared, meaning that you can create banners campaigns and rotate them on all your products or in specific product only.

Thank you

Mewsoft Support

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